Sustainability is necessary to protect the natural environment as well as human and ecological health so that the future generations can live and thrive. At Ott to Print Green, we understand that it is the responsibility of businesses to follow sustainable practices so that they can do their part to contribute to the health of the planet and to society as a whole. So what does sustainability look like for businesses? It means introducing sustainability when and where you can in your normal business process.

Working With Sustainable

Focusing on sustainability means maintaining a supply chain that shares the same goals and ideals. By relying on vendors who embrace and follow sustainable business practices, you will ensure that your efforts are maintained from the start to finish of your product or service. Sustainable practices can easily be negotiated into contracts when new vendors are sought.

Purchasing and Utilizing
Energy-Efficient Products

When choosing products for the office, production facilities, or warehouses a business should focus on using energy-efficient products whenever possible. Look for EPEAT registration on your computers, electronics, and other IT acquisitions. Also, consider upgrading to LED energy-saving lights and look for high rated Energy Star rated appliances when replacing current ones.

Purchasing and Utilizing Energy-Efficient Products

Creating Sustainable
Work Policies

Sustainability shouldn't stop with the products you buy but also reflect the way a business is run. By developing a set of sustainability policies and procedures, a business can ensure that its sustainability practices carry on through each facet of the business. Policies can include utilizing energy savings setting on computers and powering down equipment at the end of the day. Sustainability can be less overwhelming when each person in the company helps to do their part.

Creating Sustainable Work Policies Icon

Creating a Recycling Program

Recycling programs are one of the most critical steps to practicing sustainability in the workplace. Products in the workplace most commonly involved in recycling programs include electronics, light bulbs, batteries, paper products, and office supplies such as toner cartridges. Businesses can contact their current waste management services or other recycling vendors to help set up programs, then it is as simple as placing the item in the proper receptacles when use is completed.

Implementing sustainable best practices are at the heart of Ott To Print Green’s most fundamental values. We make every effort to ensure that our customers have access to an easy and convenient way to recycle empty toner cartridges. Each year over 350 million cartridges are thrown out to landfills. Greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing a single mono toner cartridge have been calculated to be approximately 4.8 Kg CO2; per cartridge. We believe it is our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact whenever possible, which is why we have a simple way for our customers to recycle their toner.

In addition to cartridge recycling, Ott To Print Green is proud to announce a partnership with Trees for the Future. For EVERY order placed, we will make a donation to Trees for the Future. Your order = 5 trees planted, every time you purchase our award winning and environmentally friendly toner cartridges.


Sustainable practices can be easily implemented into any size of business or industry and can allow businesses to do their part to help create a more protected and healthy environment for years to come.

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